Welcome to Radiant Rewards

Make Referrals. Get Social. Complete Tasks. Claim Rewards.

What is Radiant Rewards?

The Radiant Technology Referral Rewards program, Radiant Rewards, is a points-based initiative created to thank eligible participants for facilitating introductions that convert to new business, and for providing positive online feedback about Radiant Technology. Points earned are then exchanged for cash, tech products, office parties or charitable rewards.

Am I Eligible?

Yes, if you are an existing or former: customer, vendor or non-competing industry partner.

How does it work?

There are several ways to earn points. Earn points when you refer new opportunities that convert to a sale. Earn points when you provide positive feedback on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using the Radiant Rewards site. Earn even more points when you give a positive Facebook review. Keep earning points when you participate in a case study or give a testimonial. Maximize your points by completing multiple tasks.

Ready to sign up?

Radiant Rewards is hosted by NextBee. When you click on the “Register Now” button, you will be taken to NextBee’s secure registration site.


Contact us at rewards@radianttech.net.