Markets We Serve

We serve business, big and small. Companies, universities and organizations that need to communicate smartly depend on us to deliver solutions that fit. We do.

For Marketers

What’s the value of the brand always looking polished? Or your executives always communicating clearly?  With your brand and our technologies, we win together. We’ll show you how to plug in and collaborate in ways that put you ahead of the competition. Using our technology will become a skill set that differentiates you and your company. Go ahead, impress your audiences.  We deliver what one of the world’s largest retailer calls “Professional-grade gorgeous.”

For IT Professionals

We streamline operational costs by reducing the amount of support that is required for the rooms and end users.  We design the rooms to be as much “self-service” as possible, meaning an end user can use a system without being trained, because systems can be deployed within a minute of entering the room.

For Operations

The chief concerns for those in operations are important to us as well. We can help make things easier, reduce work loads and simplify … so they can do their job better.

How do we do that?We increase reliability. We use maintenance contracts for clients that want true lifecycle management. Our technologies increase productivity and reduce the number of required meetings. Then, we setup proactive monitoring which detects problems and notifies admins for increased room reliability. Finally, we provide the highest level of SLA, which reduces down time.

For C-Suite Executives

When you work with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the Midwest, you spend a lot of time with C-suite executives and their issues.

We know they care about the business issues, and we can help to enhance their company image through technology. We are listening to their concerns for productivity, and can help prioritize. Working together, they will get to market, faster.

What we tell them is that the cost is secondary. The value is the ability of the organization to clearly communicate on an ongoing basis. We know that most clients see a return on that investment within a year. Think about it … that’s 20 plane trips to the coast. And our systems and support connect your worlds. Literally as many people as you want to talk to, collaborate with, reach and influence. You’ll be presenting worldwide, confidently.

For Facilities Professionals

If you have an online meeting system – like WebEx, or Live Meeting, we want to meet with whoever is running that. We talk with all of them. We have been doing this long enough to know that unified collaboration is the key, not the products. You can confidently send us to any department and we’ll represent you well. Open the door. We’ll open the world to your facilities.

For Everyone

Maintenance is an essential part of the performance for an installed system. Every line item you purchased has a lifecycle, so our plan is to keep you current on the updates, upgrades and new technologies as they are introduced to the market. Radiant does the hard work for you, cross-referencing the new versions to make sure it syncs with your hardware and software smoothly. Click here to learn more.